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Mattress Stain Protection

Every Sleep Comfort mattress is available with our Stain Terminator fabric protector. This Stain Guard is invisible and does not change the texture or the original look and feel of the fabric. It helps you guard against oil and water-based stains, dust and soil.

fabric without stainguard protection

Unprotected Fabric

fabric with staingurad protection

Protected Fabric

Features & Benefits

  • Nano-technology – protects each fiber with an invisible barrier.
  • Easy care – quick and easy clean-up of spills.
  • Durable – eliminates splashes, spills and permanent stains.
  • Comfortable – does not change the feel, color or breathability.
  • Invisible protection – undetectable by sight, smell or touch.
  • Green – PFOA level is below the detectable limit.

Stain, Water, Oil & Soil Repellency

  • Protection from stains and spills – including dry, water and oil-based.
  • Liquids bead up and roll off.
  • Residue is easily wiped away or blotted with a clean cloth.