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Comfortaire Mattress

IC 800 Aire by Comfortaire

certipur memory foam mattress certification requirements list ic 800 air bed by comfortaire

past vs modern air bed design

Sleep Comfort is well known for its quality and value in the adjustable bed industry. We want to continue that reputation by bringing you this amazing Air Bed by Comfortaire.

Comfortaire designed the first air bed over 28 years ago. That original design is still being copied by most air mattress companies today. While this large air bladder supported by a foam encasement is adequate -- it did leave room for improvement. With that older design, the air chambers can be over-deflated which results in a critical loss of support.

Rather than just meeting industry standards, Comfortaire innovated an air chamber that overcomes the problems of today's standard rubber-cotton chambers. This new air chamber is a patented edge to edge design and is only available through Comfortaire.

This new design allows the air chamber to be placed closer to the sleeping surface -- providing better spinal alignment and support. The design is elegant yet simple.

iC 800 Aire Advantages

air bed construction

Layer 1 - SUPPORT:

The support layer for the iC 800 air mattress is a solid, six-inch, plant-based, high-resiliency (HR) foam. We strongly feel that the support layer should always be underneath your air chamber in order to properly adjust the air chamber for proper comfort.

Most air mattress companies have their air chamber on the bottom of the mattress with layers upon layers of padding on top to provide the comfort. The more layers on top of the air chambers, the less you can feel the changes in air pressure within the chambers.

Our air mattress chambers rest on top of the support layer so that you can easily feel the difference while adjusting the pressure in the air chamber.

Layer 2 - AIR CHAMBER:

Original technology:

Most air mattresses sold today use the original air chamber technology invented decades ago. This technology is based on a larger six-inch air chamber. Because of the size of this air chamber, it cannot support weights to the edge and therefore must be surrounded by HR foam border at the head, foot and sides.

When the pressure in the air chambers is low enough, you can feel the difference between the HR foam supports and the air chamber.

The larger six-inch air mattress chambers are typically constructed out of latex or rubber. Sometimes the rubber is heated or vulcanized. Rubber joints -- over time and especially under certain circumstances -- can tend to dry and crack causing leaks in the air chambers. The more chambers in the air mattress, the more seams and joints there are for this to occur.

Newer technology:

The iC 800 Aire mattress uses a patented 3 1/2-inch urethane alloy air core. This material is stronger, machine-welded and can hold greater pressure. Because of this new design, the air core is larger and extends to the full edge of your mattress.

With this new technology, the air cores can be placed on top of the support layer so you can better benefit from the change in air pressure you select. The stronger materials will support greater weights and provide firmer support at higher pressure.

In addition, the single seam design and machine-welded urethane are much less likely to develop a leak.

Layer 3 - COMFORT:

With Air Mattresses, simplicity is truly king. The more layers on top of the air chamber, the more you defeat the benefit of changing the air pressure in the mattress. With this in mind, the only layer above the iC 800 air chamber is a single layer of 2 1/4-inch synthetic convoluted latex. This material is used for both its comfort and durability.

Most air mattress companies will make their mattress thicker by providing more and more layers on top of their air bladder. These layers are often made of HR foam, latex and even memory foam. But additional layers only decrease the benefits of air chambers and can easily add $1,000 to the cost.

If the mattress is made right, you do not need these additional layers or expense to experience the best an air mattress has to offer.

Mattress Cover

The mattress fabric is made from 100% natural bamboo fibers. It is an eco-friendly material with high breathability -- and is naturally anti-bacterial. It is the strongest material of its kind and yet its microstructure gives the fabric its suppleness and a silky, luxurious feel.

Bamboo fabric always feels cool and fresh -- and will keep you cool in the summer and snug in the winter.

comfortaire whisperflo remote

Hand Control

  • 1. Ergonomic Styling (H/C)
  • 2. Low Voltage Remotes (H/C)
  • 3. Replaceable Hand Control
  • 4. Instant Inflate
  • 5. LED/LCD
  • 6. PSI Readout
  • 7. Memory
  • Hand control is easy to manipulate with one hand.
  • Safety. Low voltage in hand control insures safe operation.
  • Easily replaced hand controls.
  • Inflate the mattress to full anytime with the push of one button.
  • With 65 unique settings on each side of the mattress, you never have to
    guess the pressure. Remote is lit when entering or executing a command.
  • Know the exact firmness of your mattress reported in .10 to .75 psi.
  • Feel the exact same settings night after night.

Air Pump

  • 1. CB/CE/RoHS
  • 2. Dual Diaphragm Motor
  • 3. Redundant Air Leak Control
  • 4. Surge Protection Built in Fusing
  • 5. Barbed Fittings
  • 6. Replaceable Power Cord
  • 7. Air Filtration
  • 8. Domestic and International Units
  • Tested and safety insured.
  • Quiet no wear surfaces and positive displacement.
    Device gives better fill control.
  • Closed system with redundant air leak control for excellent air holding quality.
  • Resetable fuse keeps surges from destroying electronics.
    No replacement needed.
  • Eliminates air leakage around fittings. No clamp required.
  • If something happens to the cord simply buy a new one at any local store.
  • Keeps the valve clean and seating well.
  • System available in 110v and 220v for global use.