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Sleep Comfort Simplicity

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Sleep Comfort simplicity Adjustable bed

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Simplicity – Our Affordable
Adjustable Bed Model


The Sleep Comfort Simplicity is a great basic adjustable bed at an affordable price. For those who just need simple head and foot elevation, this bed is for you. The wired hand control allows for the full range of head and foot elevation. And we give you the option of moving the head and foot independently or together. The Simplicity has a very traditional design and works well with most head boards, bedsteads and four-poster bed frames.

Simplicity is simple in design and features but is built to the same high standards as all Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds. This bed is also made with powder coated framing, plywood base foundations and "whisper quiet" DC lift motors. The mechanism has a free-fall safety design and for your safety the entire electrical system is certified to both UL and CSA applicable standards.


  • "Whisper Quiet" maintenance-free, heavy-duty DC motor system.
  • Wired remote control with independent and simultaneous head/foot controls.
  • Fits most headboards, 4-poster beds, bedsteads and platform bases. Can also be used without attaching to any furniture item.
  • Entire mechanism and electronics are certified to both UL and CSA applicable electric motor standards.
  • Power Drive disconnect Safety Design.
  • Made in the USA by Leggett & Platt.
simplicity adjustable bed remote

Remote Features

  • Wired: connected directly to motor system with a simplified key configuration.
  • Raise and lower the head and foot sections to your desired comfort position.
  • Head/foot elevation can be controlled separately or together.

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our entire warranty.

Sleep Comfort warrants the entire bed and mattress against defects in material or workmanship for life. All parts including mattress, motors, electronics, mechanism and remote control are covered the same under one warranty. There is never a prorated charge for the part itself--and the purchaser pays ONLY for the shipping cost of the item. And we warrant the bed, not the buyer--so your warranty is transferable.


Prorated vs Non-Prorated:

Smart shoppers know that the most important part of any warranty is not the number of years it covers. Instead it is how soon it becomes prorated. Once a warranty becomes prorated the replacement part or mattress is no longer free to you. With most companies this typically occurs within the first two years. This means that each year thereafter you will pay a larger and larger cost for the replacement part or mattress. Be smart, make sure your warranty is non-prorated like ours with Sleep Comfort.

Service / Modular Construction:

Adjustable beds that have modular construction are much easier to service because the parts can be easily removed and replaced without a service technician making long repairs. Sleep Comfort only uses modular construction for quick and easy service. And if you do need a service technician, no need to worry. We use the largest network of factory trained service technicians in the USA. When you call, you will speak with Sleep Comfort directly. We won't make you call a phone center outside the U.S. And don't forget...we can service your bed anywhere within the U.S. Most Local stores don't take service calls directly which can result in slower service, especially if they are buying beds from a manufacturer outside the country.

We believe the ultimate test of a company's confidence in its own products is reflected in their return policy. At Sleep Comfort we recognize the need to be able to experience the benefits and comfort of our unique adjustable beds in your own home.So if you try our bed and you aren't satisfied in your level of comfort – the company will give you your MONEY BACK.

And with Sleep Comfort our money back guarantee applies to every adjustable bed, every mattress with out restrictions or restocking fees like so many other companies have. You pay only the one-way return shipping fee.

It's simple and straightforward. Your buy our bed—and either love it or not. If not, return the bed to us and we'll refund your money…Period. We find that people like our policy – and most everyone also loves our adjustable beds.

If you're like most people, then you know that sitting on any stool or chair for 5 or 10 minutes may feel very different than sitting on the same stool or chair for 1 to 2 hours.

Adjustable beds and mattresses are no different and no one should be forced to try a display model in a store for only 5 or 10 minutes. Especially if the store offers a non-return policy on the adjustable bed.

At Sleep comfort we want you to try the bed in your home….not some showroom. We understand that it is difficult to know if you will be comfortable on a mattress until you are actually sleeping on it for several nights -- or even weeks.

However, most companies won't allow you to return or exchange their mattress just because it's too soft or firm. Even when you lie down on a mattress in a store you might like the "feel" but that test is only for a few minutes. Often times you take that mattress home and a few weeks later you don't like the firmness. But at that point, the store won't change out your mattress.

We Will!

Sleep Comfort is different. We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. So if you feel the mattress you select is not right for you, you have 90 days from delivery to exchange it for another mattress of equal or lesser cost. There is no charge for the new mattress and you need only pay a mattress swap fee of $90.

Frequently asked questions regarding the 90 day in home trial

Q: Do you have a trial period on BOTH your adjustable base & mattress?

A: Yes, We have a 90 night money back guarantee on both our adjustable base and mattress. Beware of companies who only have a return policy on the mattress and not the adjustable base.

Q: So what happens if I try the bed and want to return it?

A: You must try the bed for a minimum 30 days. If you do not like the product you can return it or swap it for a different mattress within 90 days of delivery.

Q: Ok so if I don't like the adjustable base or mattress I can swap for something different?

A: Most people who are unhappy have a firmness preference. We try to adjust the feel(firmness) to suit our customers. This only costs you $90 per mattress and you don’t have to send the old mattress back-we come to you. Ask your sleep specialist about our new reversible “dual firmness design” to prevent this from happening.

Q: What if the bed arrives and it’s broken or not working well?

A: We will send a service man to your house to replace whatever is broken at NO COST to you.

Q: What if I just want my money back?

A: Call us so we can move forward with refunding your money. Once the product is received we will credit your credit or debit card IN FULL.

Q: What fees am I responsible for? Is there a restocking fee?

A: The only fees you will be responsible for are the return shipping charges. Realistically, this will cost you several hundred dollars as the cost of gas and delivery men isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Ask your sleep specialist to look up a quote for your exact location.There are NO RESTOCKING FEE’S! Beware of companies who charge “all shipping charges” as this means you will pay shipping in both directions.

Q: Why do I have to keep the bed for 30 days before returning it?

A: Sometimes mattresses have a break in period. We have had customers who aren’t sure if they like the feel of the mattress after 1 night but love the feel after using the mattress for a couple of weeks.

Sleep Comfort twin size Adjustable bed


Sleep Comfort twin bed sizes 74,80, 84 x38
Sleep Comfort queen size Adjustable bed
  • Full

  • Sleep Comfort full bed sizes 74,80, 84 x53
  • Queen

  • Sleep Comfort queen bed sizes 80x60, 84x60
Sleep Comfort king size Adjustable bed
  • King

  • Sleep Comfort king bed sizes 80x76
  • California King

  • Sleep Comfort california king bed sizes 84x72
Sleep Comfort dual queen Adjustable bed
  • Dual Queen

  • Sleep Comfort dual queen bed sizes 80x30
  • Dual King

  • Sleep Comfort dual king bed sizes 80x38
  • Dual California King

  • Sleep Comfort dual california king bed sizes 84x36
  • Dual Texas King

  • Sleep Comfort texas king bed sizes 84x38

"In 1986, I hurt my back on the left side. When I bought the Sleep Comfort bed, I immediately was able to sleep on my left side without pain."

"I want to enjoy the rest of my life. It's amazing what a good night's sleep I get each night...and every night."

"We've had our Sleep Comfort bed for about seven years -- and the quality of sleep we get is just as good today as when we first got the bed."

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